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Dead of Night Distillery is an independent craft distillery located on the southern edge of the burgeoning Los Angeles Arts District. We aim to create high quality, interesting spirits made from exceptional raw material.  We are not just another outsourced brand.  Our hand is in every process. Our batch sizes may be ridiculously small, but our spirits are big and bold.

We had an idea to create our own brand of spirits that we would be proud to share with our friends and family.   Our goal is to create small batches of bold, exciting, challenging, and complex spirits that reflect the Californian spirit.

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Eastsider is a juniper and citrus forward gin that balances the brightness of juniper and citrus and the earthiness of Angelica root with soft undertones of elderflower and chamomile  


Eastsider Gin delicately balances 12 botanicals to create a subtle, smooth and easy-to-drink spirit that mixes perfectly into classic gin cocktails.


Gold Medal: Los Angeles International Spirits Competition

Gold Medal: Denver International Spirits Competition

Silver Medal: SF International Spirits Competition

Silver Medal: NY International Spirits Competition 

Westsider is an LA-inspired spirit. It features botanicals found in gardens on the westside of LA.   This gin features jasmine, pink peppercorns, and local rosemary and citrus.  We work hard to source as many ingredients locally or from farmers markets.


Westsider is an aromatic spirit with a heavier Juniper, Rosemary, Pink Peppercorn and Basil presence on the nose and palate.  Whole Key Limes distilled separately in a neutral spirit, which is later added during final proofing.  The citrus blend gives freshness and brightens to an otherwise savory spirit. The vanilla bean softens the citrus tartness and slightly sweetens the spirit.  

Gold Medal: Los Angeles International Spirits Competition



California Silver Rum is our first spririt made 100% in house.  It is made from organic brown sugar and molasses which is heated and dissolved in filtered water. It is then fermented for a week with a secret yeast strain. Our rum wash is then double distilled. During the second distillation, only the best hearts are collected. The result is an incredibly smooth and delicious rum! Perfect spirit for mojitos, Cuba libres, or daiquiris!

Our Silver Rum is immediately available for our spirit club members, and at the distillery.

Experimental Spirit Series

Starting in 2020 we will be embarking on a year-long series of experiments.  We will be distilling unique spirits that are not commonly consumed in the US.  We will be doing our versions of Scandanavian, Mediterranean and possibly Asian liquors.  

We are also excited to have you join us on this journey as well.  By signing up for our Sprit Club Membership you will have access to many of these peculiar and wonderful experiments that will be releasing only through the distillery's bottle shop. 


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